The Kelly Quilt - Pattern Testers' Quilts

Today I get to share my pattern testers' quilts for The Kelly Quilt Pattern with you. I am always so grateful for the wonderful group of women that is willing to test my patterns - there is so much value in trying to understand a pattern from someone else's perspective. They really make the pattern so much better.


This time around we had hiccups with a couple of testers who had life get in the way of finishing up their quilts so I won't have as many quilts to share this time. This is a difficult time to make room to help someone else when life is so crazy so I am grateful for all of the help that I was given. Especially from Sandie, who tests a lot of my patterns but didn't have time to make this quilt but she gave me a ton of feedback that was incredibly helpful. Thank you Sandie!

The Quilts

Ashlee's QuiltAshlee's Kelly Quilt

Jeanine's QuiltJeanine's Kelly Quilt

Heather's Quilt


Meli's Quilt

Meli's Kelly Quilt

Aren't they great! It's always such a magical experience to see my patterns come to life. They are all unique and all beautiful.

You can pick up your own copy of The Kelly Quilt in the shop!


  1. What a gorgeous array of quilts. Your testers outdid themselves.

  2. OOh, I love the one with the dark background!

  3. Lots of possibilities with this quilt pattern. Great for that scrappy look, focal blocks, or color schemes.


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