The Sylvie Quilt in Tarrytown

I am glad that you are all as excited as I am about this new pattern. When I am designing patterns, I want to stay true to myself but also be able to offer a variety of styles, precut friendly options, etc. in my patterns and the Sylvie Quilt fills a niche that I never get tired of adding to - quick and fun.

The Sylvie Quilt - Kitchen Table Quilting

The quilt on the cover of the pattern uses Tarrytown by Kim Kight for Ruby Star Society. I have been a fan of Kim's fabrics ever since she released Lucky Strike (the purple floral from that collection is one of my all-time favorite prints) and she has now released a whole bunch of really adorable collections.

The Sylvie Quilt - Kitchen Table Quilting

I was initially drawn to Tarrytown because of the Hole Punch Dot print - it is such a great basic and I love it when a fabric collection includes a really solid basic. Then I saw the turtle prints. And the tufted prints. Plus the unique and fun color combination - it was just what I wanted to test out this pattern.

There were a couple of questions on Instagram about what types of prints work well with the pattern. When I first wrote it, I had smaller scale prints in mind but my pattern testers' showed me I was being a little short sighted - I actually think it works very well with large scale prints. One nice bonus is that there are so few seams, that it doesn't break up the fabric and those large scale prints can really shine.

The Sylvie Quilt - Kitchen Table Quiltingdit

The backing fabric is the purple-y, maroon-ish dice fabric. It is a color that is hard to find in quilting fabrics and will be one that I will be stocking up on.

In the pattern, there is a little section about picking your fabrics, but I wanted to give you a few tips here.

  • Make sure to mix up color and value so they are distributed around the quilt. 
  • Choose a sashing fabric that will stand out - on the first two version of the pattern that I made, I used white sashing both times. But then last week I made a version using a navy solid and it worked amazingly well. Your sashing doesn't have to be white, it just needs to stand out.
  • If you are using prints, a mix of large and small scale prints works well, but I actually think this pattern can you all small scale or all large scale prints. 
This pattern is very simple to piece, but I have given it an intermediate rating because the quilt top needs to be trimmed at the end. It isn't difficult, but can be a little intimidating if you have never done it before. A while back I put together a YouTube video of how to trim the Tessa Quilt pattern - Sylvie is easier to trim than Tessa, but the video should still be helpful if you need a little guidance.

The Sylvie Quilt - Kitchen Table Quilting

I hope you all enjoy the pattern! Make sure to use #thesylviequilt hashtag if you post your quilt on Instagram and tag me - I love seeing what you make.


  1. You might have mentioned this previously but what amounts of fabric do you purchase (or get from the manufacturer) when getting an entire line. Sometimes FQ aren't enough but full yards are too much.

    1. It really depends on how much I love the fabric - if I really love the fabric, I will buy a 1/2 yard bundle. If I kind of love it, I will buy a fat quarter bundle.


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