The Zoe Quilt Pattern - The Mockups

Normally this is the day during a pattern release that I would share pattern testers' quilts, but I did something a little different this time around: I didn't use pattern testers. This is for a variety of reasons that are complicated and even talking about this makes me a little emotional - I love my pattern testers!

The Zoe Quilt in Starry - Kitchen Table Quilting

For the Zoe Quilt Pattern, I used a technical editor. The primary reason for this change was to simplify my workflow. This means that I am getting feedback from a single person and it shortens the time from writing a pattern to releasing a pattern which all takes a lot of stress away from the process. 

Since I don't have pattern tester quilts to share with you this time around, I put together some mockups instead. These are collections that are available now (or will be soon) and help you see how the rainbow vs. non-rainbow versions look plus just gives you some ideas for making your own version of the quilt.

Stay Gold by Melody Miller for Ruby Star Society

The Zoe Quilt Pattern in Stay Gold

Five + Ten by Denyse Schmidt for Windham Fabrics

The Zoe Quilt Pattern in Five + Ten

First Light - a collaborative collection for Ruby Star Society

The Zoe Quilt Pattern in First Light

Spooky 'n Sweeter by Art Gallery Fabrics

The Zoe Quilt Pattern in Spooky and Sweeter

Pure Elements Solids by Art Gallery Fabrics

The Zoe Quilt in AGF Solids

I hope these mockups help you see how versatile this pattern is - it's so fun how different fabrics can make such a big difference!

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