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This week, I put together some mockups using a collection that was suggested by a comment on Instagram and I am now in love with this collection. Since my fabric stash is bursting at the seams, I try not to notice all of the new collections because then I want to buy them all, but I am glad I have seen this one!

Fat Quarter Zola Quilt

It is called Lady Bird and it is by Crystal Manning for Moda. I love colors, the florals, the scale . . . everything. It is just a little different than collections that I normally sew with and it felt like a welcome change. 

One thing that I really enjoyed about playing around with this collection is how well it worked in different styles of quilts. It can look traditional but it can also look modern. The obvious choices for mockups for me were Penny, Tessa, or Violet because pretty much any collection will work in those patterns, but I decided to branch out a little bit. 

The Zola Quilt

(This pattern is fat quarter friendly)

The Zola Quilt in Lady Bird - Kitchen Table Quilting

The Eliza Quilt

The Eliza Quilt in Lady Bird - Kitchen Table Quilting

The Abigail Quilt 

(This is my next pattern - it will be available next week)

The Abigail Quilt in Lady Bird - Kitchen Table Quilting

(this pattern is fat quarter friendly)
The Taylor Quilt in Lady Bird - Kitchen Table Quilting

This collection was supposed to be available last month, but it looks like it is a little delayed - it is available for preorder and should ship soon.

I think my favorite of this bunch is maybe . . . Zola? It's hard to pick!

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