The Penny QAL - How Much Fabric Do I Need?

Thank you for joining in with the Penny Quiltalong! Today I will be discussing fabrics - specifically how many different fabrics you need.

The Penny Quilt Pattern - Kitchen Table Quilting

In the pattern, you have four different types of fabrics: A, B, C, and D. Fabric A will be the smaller squares, Fabric B will be in the middle, and Fabric C will be on the outer edge. Fabric D is the slim sashing fabric. 

The Penny Quilt Pattern Fabric Guide - Kitchen Table Quilting

How much do I need of each fabric?

The Penny Quilt Pattern Fabric Requirements

Since most of us are going to making the lap size version of the quilt, I will discuss that in particular. For the lap size, you will need 7 DIFFERENT fabrics for Fabric A, 7 DIFFERENT fabrics for Fabric B, and 7 DIFFERENT fabrics for Fabric C. 

Ok, well you could technically use one fabric for each A, B, and C but you will need more than is listed in the table and your quilt would end up looking something like this.

The Penny Quilt All One Color Mockup - Kitchen Table Quilting

You might be feeling like that seems like a lot of fabrics - 21 different ones for the lap size plus the sashing fabric. But notice that there is not a ton of Fabric D required for the pattern - this pattern focuses more on the prints/colors of your featured fabric and less on background/sashing fabric.

As it is written, you will end up with a nice amount of fabric variety to give your quilt lots of movement and wow your friends and family (that's why we're doing this, right? - I kid!). 

The Penny Quilt Pattern Block Guide - Kitchen Table Quilting

Can I make the quilt scrappy? 

If you have larger scraps, you could probably make this scrappy but your scraps are going to have to be pretty substantial. I would recommend using a single fabric for Fabric D and not making that scrappy. What you could do is pull a "scrappy" collection of fabrics from your stash and go for a hodgepodge look instead of a more curated color scheme.

Can I use fat quarters for the twin size?

Yes, but you will need 12 of each for Fabric A, B, and C instead of just 6.

Where are the instructions for using fat quarters for Fabric C? 

I will be sharing those in the email next week. It will require us to construct the blocks differently. I much prefer making the quilt the way the pattern is written so I don't necessarily recommend going the fat quarter route, but I wanted to provide those instructions in case you need them. They will be included as a PDF download for subscribers of the email list. 

Tomorrow I will have a list of shops that are carrying quilt kits for the pattern - I wanted to share this info early enough in the QAL that you still have time to order! 


  1. I've picked out fabrics, but would like some input on them. Do you have a Facebook page or do I post them here? Jdahlgr at yahoo dot com

    1. Do you have an Instagram account? I am hoping that we can get people to give feedback to each other. If you post it and include the hashtag #pennyqal, I am hoping we can help each other. You can also email me if you aren't able to post on Instagram.

  2. If we are going to use fat quarters for Fabric C, do we need 7 of them for the lap size? I want to use Stay Gold like your gorgeous sample, but it's not available in yardage yet.

    1. Yes, that is correct! I am working on getting the fat quarter instructions ready to send out in the email on Friday (hopefully!).

  3. I have peaked at cutting instructions I am a little confused as to how to cut the large square and the other pieces out of fabric A. Knowing you will be all over this and I just need to be patient.

    1. I have a video coming in the email tomorrow - it will show me cutting all of the shapes so hopefully it answers your questions. If not, let me know!

  4. For Fabric C I was thinking you could cut a fat quarter lengthwise into five strips at the required width. Two of those are long enough as they are, and the other three could be pieced together into a single long strip, then subcut for the two longer pieces required. Or am I totally out to lunch here?

    1. You could do it that way, but I am sending out instructions for tomorrow using fat quarters that won't require any extra seams.


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