The Penny QAL Week 1 - What to Expect

Tomorrow is the first day of the Penny QAL and I wanted to give you a little rundown on what you can expect. Depending on how things go, we may make some adjustments but this is the current plan.

The Penny Quilt Pattern - Kitchen Table Quilting

Each week there will be at least one blog post (some weeks will have several posts) with information. In the first couple of weeks, there is more information to share so expect more posts at the beginning and then fewer posts later as we put the quilt together. 

The Penny Quiltalong - Kitchen Table Quilting

In addition, there will be an email sent out on Friday each week. This will contain links to the blog posts and some weeks there will be information that is just available for people who have purchased the pattern. This will be information like how to make the quilt fat quarter friendly, more specific information on cutting your fabric, etc. Some weeks there will be video, some weeks there will be diagrams, it just depends on what works best with that week's content.

Some information will be shared each week on Instagram. Instagram is the easiest place to share video, so I will be sharing some stories about the QAL (which will be saved in my story highlights) and I will be doing some live videos (which I will save in my IGTV) and some Q&A sessions. I will do my best to link to Instagram stories and videos here and in the email.

Here are some answers to some questions you might have.

How do I sign up for the QAL?

All you need to do is purchase the pattern and sign up for the email list.

Will there be prizes? 

Not for this QAL. We are keeping things low stress and focusing on tips and information instead of prizes.

How long does the QAL last?

Eight weeks. Week 4 will basically be a catchup week where limited new information will be shared. I will be releasing a pattern that week so it will give us all time to get our blocks assembled.

Can the pattern be made queen size?

Yes, but the instructions are not in the pattern and I will not be giving fabric requirements for a larger size. I will share a mockup of a queen size quilt with people on the email list if you want to try making the larger quilt using that as a guide.

I am joining in late (or making the quilt after the QAL ended), can I get the emails I missed?

Yes! I will set the emails to automatically be sent to people who sign up after September 30, 2021.  Subscribe to the list and you will be sent one QAL email per week for 8 weeks. 

I am a beginner - is this a good pattern for me?

If this is your first quilt and you do not have previous sewing experience, this is probably not a great first quilt pattern. If you have made a few quilts and are feeling like you are ready for a challenge, then yes! I am planning to do a QAL for a beginner pattern next year that will have more help and information for first time quilters. 

During the QAL I will be making two different versions of the pattern - one using a fat quarter bundle (a holiday one!) and one using fabrics pulled from my stash. Stay tuned on Instagram this week as I show you my process of picking fabrics.

We will be starting tomorrow with the topic "How much fabric?" - we will also be discussing quilt kits, using prints or solids, picking a sashing fabrics, and I will have lots (LOTS!) of mockups to share with you this week. 

If you have any questions, please email me or ask in the comments - I want to make sure I am answer the questions that you have!


  1. Thanks for posting this heads-up. It slipped off my radar.

  2. I don’t use Instagram very often. Will you always have a link in the email? Im excited about this quilt. Thank you.

    1. Yes - I will link to any videos from Instagram in the weekly email.


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