The Beatrice Quilt - The Mockups

 I had a ton of fun putting together mockups of my new Beatrice Quilt Pattern - it is always fun to play with fabric. There are a mix of rainbow and non-rainbow, prints and solids, and modern and traditional shown here - it is always interesting to see how a quilt looks in different styles!

The Beatrice Quilt in Darlings - Kitchen Table Quilting 
I tried to stick with collections that are currently available or will be soon - I will also list the precut that would be needed to make that version of the quilt as well as the Fabric A and C fabrics used. There are several here using Tula Pink solids/prints - this might be foreshadowing for what I am going to be working on soon!

Starry by Alexia Abegg

Fat Quarters
Fabric A - Starry in Natural Black
Fabric C - Starry in Black Gold

  Beatrice in Starry

Five + Ten by Denyse Schmidt

Fat Eighths
Fabric A - Designer Essentials in Shadow
Fabric C - Ivory Floral Toss

Beatrice Five + Ten

Christmas Morning by Lella Boutique

Fat Eighths
Fabric A - Magic Dot in Snow
Fabric C - Snow Comfort

Beatrice in Christmas Morning

Unicorn Poop Solids by Tula Pink

Fat Quarters
Fabric A - Designer Essentials in Winter White
Fabric C - Designer Essentials in Putty

Beatrice in Unicorn Poop

Tiny Beasts by Tula Pink

Fat Eighths
Fabric A - True Colors Tiny Dots in Cosmic
Fabric C - Designer Essentials in Julep

Beatrice Tiny Beasts

Tula Pink True Colors

Fat Quarters
Fabric A - True Colors Tiny Dots in Cosmic
Fabric C - True Colors Tiny Stripes in Spark

Beatrice in True Colors

Birthday by Sarah Watts

Fat Eighths
Fabric A - Funfetti in Pale Pink
Fabric C - Funfetti in Wool

Beatrice in Birthday

Sincerely Yours by Sherri and Chelsi

Fat Eighths
Fabric A - Ivory Spring Dots
Fabric C - Ivory Candy Hearts

The Beatrice Quilt in Sincerely Yours - Kitchen Table Quilting

Do you have a favorite? I am very tempted to make the Tula Pink Unicorn Poop solids version - those super light colors would be fun to work with!

Make sure to head over to the shop to pick up a copy of the Beatrice Quilt Pattern!

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