The Penny QAL - Queen Size Mockup

Since a few people have asked for help in creating a queen size Penny Quilt, I put together a mockup of what the layout would look like.

The Penny Quilt Pattern - Queen Size

This is not a pattern that I will likely be adding sizing to for logistical reasons, but it is easy enough to add more blocks to make the quilt larger. You will need to make your long sashing strips quite a bit longer as well.  

This mockup is done in Sincerely Yours by Sherri and Chelsi. The finished size of the quilt would be 92" x 110" which is a perfect size for a queen bed. I hope this is helpful if you are going big with your Penny Quilt!


  1. I can't figure out which emails are specific to the QAL list. But you mentioned alternate cutting for using fat quarters. I can't seem to find that email. Could you tell me what day it might have been sent or the title of the email. Thanks.

    1. Sure! It was in the Week 2 email. The QAL email list is separate from my normal email list - you can sign up here:


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