Quilt Ideas - Holly Jolly

I know it's not Christmas yet, it's not even Christmas in July yet, but I really like this collection and felt festive so here are some mockups using Holly Jolly by Urban Chiks.

Betty Quilt Close Up

The pink/red combo is my favorite part about this collection so I went a little heavy on the pink for some of these mockups. I am also including a mockup using my new pattern which will be available next week and which is super quick to make + jelly roll friendly!

The Betty Quilt

The Betty Quilt in Holly Jolly

The Freya Quilt

The Freya Quilt in Holly Jolly

The Kelly Quilt

The Kelly Quilt in Holly Jolly

The Luna Quilt

The Luna Quilt in Holly Jolly

I think my favorite here is either Luna or Betty. Luna is my newest pattern and Betty is one of the first ones I wrote - it was fun to mock up both of them in the same fabrics! Holly Jolly is already available in shops.

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  1. Thanks for the Holiday patterns - it's never too early - especially if I have to mail the quilt. Last quilt I sent one state over took over 2 weeks. Love the new fabric!


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