The Ivy Quilt in Jolly Darlings

You guys know I am a huge Ruby Star Society fan and I love that they are continuing their Darlings series (check out my Darlings and Spooky Darlings projects). It's so fun to see some of the same prints reimagined in different colors and collections — they are so cute! The snowmen! The deer! The snow globes! Jolly Darlings was perfect for the Ivy Quilt.

The Ivy Quilt Pattern in Jolly Darlings - Kitchen Table Quilting

I also really like that Jolly Darlings is a holiday collection that uses a fun mix of colors. In addition to the normal red and green, there is plenty of blue, pink, and warm gold colors as well. It's holiday themed without being HOLIDAY THEMED.

The Ivy Quilt Pattern - Kitchen Table Quilting

There is also a great group of Jolly Basics being released along with the collection. The navy print in the cornerstones and the gold dot background fabric are both from the collection. (There is also a pink Add it Up print that I am going to have to buy, the color is called Sorbet).

The Ivy Quilt Pattern - Kitchen Table Quilting
The Ivy Quilt Pattern - Kitchen Table Quilting

This pattern uses a jelly roll, but only a little over half of a jelly roll (21 strips) for the lap size quilt so there is plenty leftover for coordinating holiday projects. It would be really fun to make stockings or a tree skirt with this collection.

The Ivy Quilt Pattern - Kitchen Table Quilting

The binding fabric is a navy print from the collection and the backing is the peach ornament print.

The Ivy Quilt Pattern - Kitchen Table QuiltingThe Ivy Quilt Pattern - Kitchen Table Quilting

If you would like to make your own version of the Ivy Quilt, you can pick up a copy in my shop. If you are looking for Jolly Darlings, it should be available next month. 

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