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 A few weeks ago, I asked for mockup request on Instagram and I finally found some time to make them happen. This is about half of them, so hopefully I can get the rest of them ready to go later this week.

The Maggie Quilt Pattern - Kitchen Table Quilting

Also, a reminder! The Luna Quiltalong starts next week. I am currently working on a list of shops that are going to have kits available for the pattern so if you haven't picked your fabric yet, I am going to make sure you are taken care of.

Now back to the quilts. These were a lot of fun to put together — some of the requests were specific collections mocked up in specific patterns and some were just wanting to see a fabric collection mocked up in any pattern. Of course there are always lots of ways to do things and swapping out a background fabric or switching around the fabrics can make a project look completely different, but this will hopefully give you some ideas.

The Maggie Quilt in Shine On

The Maggie Quilt in Shine On

Anything in Tiny Beasts (this is the Violet Quilt)

The Violet Quilt in Tiny Beasts

The Penny Quilt in Starry

The Penny Quilt in Starry

Sylvie and Penny in Koi Pond (boy colors) 

I had already mocked up Penny in this collection, but I went ahead and did Sylvie as well and left out the pink/peach prints.

Sylvie in Koi Pond The Penny Quilt in Koi Pond

The Judy Quilt in Rain or Shine 

(I subbed in some solids since there weren't quite enough prints in the collection)

Judy in Rain or Shine

The Naomi Quilt in Spooky 'n Sweeter

Naomi in Spooky n Sweeter

The Maggie Quilt in Smol

The Maggie Quilt in Smol

Anything in Malibu (this is the Ivy Quilt)

The Ivy Quilt in Malibu

The Luna Quilt in Bubble Blue Batiks

The Luna Quilt in Bubble Blues

I really loved getting suggestions for mockups — it was a fun challenge. I always have ideas about how to use my own patterns, but you guys always see things that I don't!

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