Sample Sale!

It's time for a sample sale. My ever-growing pile of finished quilts has gotten unmanageable and it is time to find a good home for them. Make sure to read through this entire post if you are interested in purchasing a quilt — there is a lot of important info in here!


The Gracie Quilt - Kitchen Table Quilting

If you are new here, you might wonder what a sample sale is. Every time I release a quilt pattern, I make 2 or 3 samples of the quilt to show how the pattern looks in different fabrics. While my family loves quilts, we just cannot use that many! I hold onto some quilts for trunk shows and to lend out to quilt shops, but it just doesn't seem right to let so many quilts go unused so I do a sale a couple of times a year and sell the quilts at a low, sample sale price.

The Abigail Quilt Pattern - Kitchen Table Quilting

While I have gotten some criticism for pricing the quilts at a low price point, I like being able to price them at a rate that is accessible to more people. I make these quilts to help show off patterns, I don't make these quilts with the intention of selling them. 

Proceeds of the sample sale go toward restocking staples in my sewing room: thread, batting, background and backing fabric, rotary blades, etc. so that I can continue to make more quilts and more patterns. 

All of the quilts in the sale are lap size and the dimensions of each quilt are included in the listing. There is also a link to the blog post for each quilt so that you can see more photos and read more about it before the sale starts. All listing prices include domestic shipping (if I have somehow set up a listing incorrectly and it charges you shipping, just let me know after you pay and I will refund the shipping charge). At the moment, I would like to keep the sale within the United States because it is much less stressful.

A Pink and Purple Carly Quilt - Kitchen Table Quilting

The pricing for the quilts is all the same with the exception of two quilts which have been long-arm quilted so they are a little more expensive to help cover that cost.

All of the quilts are made using high quality quilting cotton. They are all made with quality batting, some have Quilter's Dream Cotton Select and some have Quilter's Dream Green. They are similar enough that I can't tell which quilts have which batting - they both are soft, have a nice drape, and hold up well. Most of the quilts have not been pre-washed but a couple of them have (I think the Zola Quilt and the Beatrice Quilt). None of the quilts have been labeled; if you would like me to include a label with your quilt, make sure to send me a message and let me know and I can include a label for you to attach to the quilt. Also, remember that these are all handmade items and main contain some imperfections. I would love to be a machine, but I'm not!

The sample sale will happen Tuesday-Friday this week at noon PST each day. About 15-ish minutes before the sale starts, the quilts for that day will disappear from the shop but they will reappear at noon. Right now they all say "Sold Out" — don't worry! 

Tuesday September 6th

The Hazel Quilt in Warp and Weft

A Scrappy Carly Quilt

The Ivy Quilt in Sugar

The Diana Quilt in Unruly Nature

A Scrappy Rainbow Luna Quilt

The Elena Quilt in Rifle Paper Co.

The Hannah Quilt in Warp and Weft Honey

The Abigail Quilt in Hole Punch Dot

The Zoe Quilt in Starry - Kitchen Table Quilting

Wednesday September 7th

The Zoe Quilt in Starry

A Scrappy Freya Quilt

The Gracie Quilt in Koi Pond

The Sylvie Quilt in Speckled

The Ruth Quilt in Purl

A Christmas Zola Quilt

A Scrappy, Rainbow Carly Quilt

The Freya Quilt in Lady Bird

Thursday September 8th

A Penny Quilt from my Stash

The Elena Quilt in Five + Ten

A Scrappy, Rainbow Hannah Quilt

The Diana Quilt in Speckled

A Pink and Purple Carly Quilt

The Judy Quilt in Happy

The Taylor Quilt in Heirloom

The Carly Quilt in Camellia

The Diana Quilt in Speckled - Kitchen Table Quilting

Friday September 9th

A Tula Pink Gracie Quilt

A Holiday Penny Quilt

The Iris Quilt in Tula Pink Fabrics

The Luna Quilt in Bon Voyage

A Scrappy Gracie Quilt

The Judy Quilt in True Kisses

The Beatrice Quilt in Vessel

The Kelly Quilt in Florida

Phew! That was a lot! I only do this sale a couple of times a year because (1) it is a ton of work! and (2) it is hard to let go of these quilts. All of these quilts mean a lot to me. I am selling more samples than I normally do because I have lots of plans for patterns and new quilts in the near future and I needed the room.

Thank you all so much for your love and support!

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