Sewing with Curves Projects

I have recently started taking the Curves Class from Rachel at Stitched in Color. I was able to pretty much complete all of the projects (I couldn't find a snap for my baby bib).  The first project was a curved bunting. I used a variety of boy-ish prints to hang it in my son's room - a couple of them are from Sarah Jane's Children at Play Line which is wonderful. Sewing with curves isn't so bad ;)
I am really happy with my pillow, flawed though it may be.  I have been working on my Swoon quilt using Aunt Edna (by Denyse Schmidt for Joann's) and I had a few leftover squares that were just the right size so those prints were my starting point for picking fabrics.  I also wanted the colors to be more "husband friendly" since for some reason he doesn't share my love of pink, orange, and aqua.  

The Curves Class also had us make a baby bib - I used Anna Maria Horner flannel and it is so, so soft. I don't have a home for this bib yet so it will go into the future-baby-shower-gift box in my closet.  
My Heirloom greek cross quilt found a home this week.  I was visiting with an older woman who lives nearby and thought she needed it, so we delivered it to her this afternoon and had a wonderful chat. I love keeping quilts, but it is even more fun to give them away. 


  1. Love the Greek cross quilt! I'm so glad I stumbled upon your blog :D

  2. Beautiful Greek cross quilt! Did you use a tutorial? Just wondering how you pieced it.

  3. What great projects to start your blog with! I always love seeing what you're up to!

  4. I enjoyed reading your post about Rachel's class and wanted to see your first projects you posted about. The photography is great and your projects are beautiful!

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