More Sewing with Curves

I am still working on the Curves Class.  This week I made a couple of cards.  I have never been a card-marker, or really a fan of cards in general, but these were a fun quick project.
I loved the Rainbow Road project.  I used a Freebird charm pack and some scraps which was WAY MORE fabric than I needed.  Originally this thing was about 15 inches longer but I didn't need it to be that long so I chopped it up.  This will work really well on the dresser in my kids' room.
My current WIPs . . . I am making a bow tie quilt to donate to a service auction at church.  The top is done and I got the backing today so basting will commence some time this weekend!

I am also still working on my Swoon quilt.  I have 6 out of 9 blocks done and the rest of the fabric cut, I just need to find some time to put it all together :)


  1. Congratulations, Erica! You certainly nailed those curves.

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