A Single Chevron Pillow - Winged Blog Tour

Welcome to day 3 of the Winged blog tour!  There are so many fabric lines out there that have great prints, but when I saw Bonnie Christine's Winged collection I fell in love and had to make something with it immediately.
Bonnie sent me 4 fat quarters from the collection (which I of course forgot to take a picture of) and I knew I wanted to make a pillow.  These are my favorite prints from the collection because they are gorgeous and versatile.  I think they will be finding their way into lots of future projects.
single chevron winged quilt
I decided on this design after playing around with some options in EQ7.  I like how the pillow shows off the prints and how it is very wing-like.  It seemed fitting.

I used the 4th fat quarter for the back of the pillow.  You can see that my pillow form was probably a little too big for my pillow (woops!) but it was the closest one I had.
single chevron winged quilt
I didn't take photos as I made the pillow so I'm not going to write up a tutorial, but I am uploading the templates for the pieces in case you want to make your own.  You can download them here.
single chevron winged quilt

Since I am only day 3 of the blog hop there are lots more pretty projects on their way.  You can see the full list on Bonnie's blog.  You should definitely check out Whitney's pretty DIY Flower Garland post from yesterday and check Bonnie's blog since we will be hopping over to her blog for day 4.  

And if you aren't already following Bonnie, she has more pretty coming in the very near future and her Instagram account is a feast for the eyes.  


  1. Love the fabric and pillow!!

  2. Oh, it's beautiful and your quilting is great!

  3. I love how you've made it look like a butterfly! You picked great fabrics - it was so hard to choose!

  4. Thanks for recommendations! I just get back from Turkey with nothing but kilim for my pillows. Also, I gave a lot of them to my friends and family as a gift but I found I still have some, the problem is I don't have enough pillows! And I don't want to leave kilim in the closet... So, I found that market went far on various types of memory foam pillows. Does anyone have it? What would you recommend?


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