Prepping for Christmas: Kids Ikea Poang Slipcover

Since we left a lot of our furniture behind when we moved away from San Diego, we made the obligatory trip up to Ikea a couple weeks ago.  While we were there we decided to get a kids Poang Chair for our play room.  Unlike the adult Poang chairs, these only come with a plain, off-white slipcover so I knew I wanted to recover it.

As soon as I got my sewing machine set up, I found down this tutorial because why would I want to figure it out for myself when someone else has already done it.  I followed the measurements in the tutorial but I would probably cut my cover 1" longer if I were to do it again.  It was a tight fit.
Kids Poang Chair Slipcover
The tutorial did not have directions for covering the pillow, but that was easy enough.  I cut the front piece 9" x 16" and 2 pieces 7.5" x 16" and did an envelope closure.
Kids Poang Chair Slipcover
Then I stitched it to the top of the main slipcover with a 1/4 inch-ish seam allowance.  It seemed to do the trick.
I really love this fabric and wish I had more info about it.  All I know is that it is a Japanese cotton/linen blend.  I used Essex linen in black for the back of the slipcover and pillow since I didn't have enough of the print.

There will probably be lots of photos taken in this room in the future; it has a giant window and it turns out that it really does rain a lot in Oregon.  


  1. Very nicely done! You picked the boldest time of year to move to Oregon, but the rain does stop eventually. For a bit, anyway :)

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