The Cleo Quilt - Pattern Testers' Quilts

The Cleo Quilt Pattern - Kitchen Table Quilting
The pattern testers' quilts on the Cleo Quilt were so exciting to me because the pattern is so open ended. There is always a lot of variety in what people make and they are always delightful, but I had no idea what to expect. It was so exciting to see what they created!

I am going to list them here starting with the largest and going down to the smallest. Click on the testers' name to visit their Instagram page.

Miranda's Twin Size Quilt

How gorgeous is this (both the quilt and the setting)? I love the cool effect Miranda got by using different values - it makes the quilt sparkle - and she took this photo at Banff!

Miranda's Cleo Quilt

Emily's Lap Size Quilt

I was not surprised that Emily went for the rainbow version (because we share a lot for rainbow quilts) and she really outdid herself. The colors are so vivid!

Emily's Cleo Quilt

Jeanine's Lap Size Quilt

Jeanine' did such a beautiful job using solids and near-solids in her rainbow version and getting a good variety of value.

Jeanine's Cleo Quilt

Linda's Baby Size Quilt

Linda made the baby size rainbow version using Liberty prints and it turned out so sweet and pretty. She used fabrics that are similar in value to create a color wash effect and it is gorgeous.

Linda's Cleo Quilt

Joanne's Baby Size Quilt

I love how Joanne used a tighter range of colors to make this happy, beautiful baby size quilt.

Joanne's Cleo Quilt

Patti's Baby Size Quilt

Patti used Alison Glass fabric for her quilt and to turned out beautiful bright and scrappy.

Patti's Cleo Quilt

Aren't they all amazing? If you are interested in making your own version of The Cleo Quilt Pattern, head over to shop to pick up a copy!


  1. Love seeing quilts done in different colour ways, it is so inspiring to have a lot of ideas to help you visualise what it could be. x

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