The Maggie Quilt in Spectacle

A long, long time ago in 2018 (doesn't that feel like it was at least 10 years ago?) I made a quilt using Spectacle by Christian Robinson. I am a big fan of his illustration work (favorite books include Last Stop on Market Street, The Smallest Girl in the Smallest Grade, and Gaston) and his fabric is just as good (it's not a new collection, but you can still find some of the prints). 

The Maggie Quilt in Spectacle - Kitchen Table Quilting

All I had was leftover pieces, but I decided to just go ahead and make the quilt without checking to see if I had enough fabric (spoiler alert: I did not). I decided to use my Maggie Quilt Pattern

The Maggie Quilt in Spectacle - Kitchen Table Quilting
But I had enough-ish so I used what I had and subbed some solids when I ran out. It worked. 

I knew that I wanted to use a black solid to outline the stars so that it would really pop. Picking a fabric with a lot of contrast for the Fabric C in the pattern is really key to making this pattern show the secondary pattern (the plusses). It would also be fun to reverse the Fabric C and D.

The Maggie Quilt Pattern 2 Ways - Kitchen Table Quilting

It's crazy how different these two mockups look - and the only difference is that the white and black are switched. 

The Maggie Quilt in Spectacle - Kitchen Table Quilting

I also like that the black tones down the brighter colors in this quilt. It could be a kids quilt, but I think the black makes it a sophisticated enough to be for an adult, too.

The Maggie Quilt in Spectacle - Kitchen Table Quilting

I had a large cut of fabric that I was planning to use for the backing - but of course, I didn't check to make sure there was enough. Instead of a 4 yard cut, it was 2.5 (not sure why I bought 2.5 yards?) so I had to combine it with some other fabrics. 

The Maggie Quilt in Spectacle - Kitchen Table Quilting

This quilt was very effective and using up all of the fabrics I had left from this collection (except a little more of the green) - I am trying to use up leftover pieces from older collections that I have sitting around on my fabric shelves. If I have enough fabric leftover, I will use them to make a quilt, but for some of them I am just cutting them into squares or rectangles to use for scrap quilts. 

The Maggie Quilt in Spectacle - Kitchen Table Quilting
It is very nice to put forgotten fabrics to good use.

If you would like to make your own version of the Maggie Quilt, you can pick it up in the shop.


  1. This is a really cute quilt. I have four projects in waiting right now and I've PROMISED myself that I will not start another until these are finished ... or at least almost finished. LOL


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