The Tessa Quilt Size Extension - Queen and King Sizes

I finally, finally, finally have something to share with you - this has been a long time coming and has been one of the most frequent requests I get . . . the Tessa Quilt Pattern now has instructions for queen and king sizes.

The Tessa Quilt - Charley Harper Version - Kitchen Table Quilting

These sizes are offered as PDF only and are available as an addendum to the original pattern - you need both the original pattern and the addendum to make them. 

Just like the original pattern, neither of these sizes uses y-seams. They are a great way to show off your favorite fabrics and will be perfect for a bed size quilt. 

The queen size finishes at 90" x 113"Tessa Queen Markupand the king size finishes at 107" x 113".Tessa King Mockup

You can pick up the new sizes and the original pattern in my shop!

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