New Pattern - The Zoe Quilt

Today I have a new pattern to share with you - this one is quick, fun, and makes a wonderful rainbow. Meet the Zoe Quilt.

The Zoe Quilt - Kitchen Table Quilting

This pattern goes along with my other woven-style patterns (Tessa, Eliza, Betty, Iris, and Libby). I love writing this style of pattern because they . . .
  • Show off your fabric - especially large scale prints.
  • Look much harder than they actually are - none of these patterns (including Zoe) involve a y-seam or a partial seam
  • Are quick! Zoe in particular is fast because the strips are strip pieced.
  • Work with solids, prints, fabric collections, random fabric pulls, or they are all great stashbusters.

This pattern has directions for baby, lap, and twin size quilts. Originally I planned to include larger sizes but the printed version of the pattern is 16 pages long - there are lots of diagrams to help you make your quilt so including larger sizes just wasn't practical for this one.

The Zoe Quilt - Kitchen Table Quilting

The skill level for this pattern is intermediate. The piecing itself is simple, but the quilt is a little non-traditional with the piecing (just how I like it!) so I would recommend this pattern for quilters with a little experience. 

The trickiest part is trimming the quilt. The next time I make the pattern I will do a video about trimming. In the mean time, this video about trimming the Tessa Quilt is helpful.

The fabric requirements for the pattern are listed below. I know you are wondering if this is jelly roll friendly and it just didn't work out - the strips are actually wider than jelly roll strips and the scale of the wider strips just worked better for this pattern. Jelly roll strips weren't long enough anyway and so it wasn't a good fit. Don't worry though - I have a couple of jelly roll patterns in the works!

Zoe FR Web

Later this week I will be sharing more about the cover version of the quilt (including my colors!) plus the other versions that I have made. 

If you would like to pick up a copy of the Zoe Quilt Pattern, you can find it in my shop!

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