Top 10 Most Popular Tutorials

A while back I did a post with my Top 10 Most Popular Quilt Patterns. This list didn't include free tutorials, so I thought those deserved their own post. So here it is: a list of my Top 10 Most Popular (Free!) Tutorials.

My March Giant Block Quilt

#1. The Plaid-ish Quilt

Plaid-ish Quilt Tutorial - Kitchen Table Quilting

#2. Plaid-ish 2

Plaid-ish 2 Tutorial - Kitchen Table Quilting

#3. August Giant Block

August Giant Block Tutorial - Kitchen Table Quilting

#4. April Giant Block

April Giant Block Quilt

#5. Stacked Squares Quilt

Stacked Squares Quilt Tutorial - Kitchen Table Quilting

#6. Valued Scrap Quilt

A Valued Scrap Quilt - Kitchen Table Quilting

#7. December Giant Block

December GB 24

#8. May Giant Block

May Giant Block Picnic Quilt

#9. February Giant Block

February Giant Block Quilt - Kitchen Table Quilting

#10. January Giant Block

January Giant Block Quilt

You probably were not surprised at number one on this list (it has about 6 times as many downloads as the next one down), but there may be some here that you haven't seen before. This is just the top 10, there are more! You can find the full list of my free tutorials in my shop.

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